Having nice things on a budget

There comes a time in every woman’s life when we need to embrace nice things. Whether that’s going to a fancy restaurant, wearing Joules clothing or buying a new work handbag.

Brown leather Radley handbagAs a mum, I feel the need to have nice things more than I used to. I think more than anything it’s about treating yourself to show that you still matter. After having Georgia, I had a bit of an identity crisis with people constantly staring through me and concentrating on her. Rightly so as she is gorgeous, but it didn’t do my self-confidence any good! So investing in ‘nice’ things makes me feel like myself. I am a mum, but I am also a woman.

No longer am I just a mum wearing baggy trousers and shoving her hair up on maternity leave, but someone who can marvel at the fact that I have a child and not look like a blithering wreck all the time. (That’s not me saying that everybody on maternity leave looks like that… just what I looked like!) Okay, I may look like a blithering wreck at least some of the time but the point is, when I want to look nice, I have a few items that make me feel great. I have nice grown up things to embrace and to take me to that happy place that every woman should have.

That sounds very materialistic, but I’d rather have a few nice things than a lot of rubbish. It’ll also probably last longer (most of the time…!)

My newest nice item

My newest nice item is a handbag. Not just any handbag but a Radley. It’s a cross body pocket bag, so it’s just about big enough for a small purse, my phone, keys and a few bits and bobs. It has pocket galore inside with a back zipped pocket (a must in my opinion for easy access of my car keys).

The main compartment then includes a secret pocket. I tend to keep my lady bits in there so they’re easy to access but not flashable when I rummage through my bag.

Another front pocket adds extra detail to the simple design and has  2 sections that are big enough for me keep my lipbalm and other bits that I may need without having to unzip my bag.

It’s secure with the zip, it’s small enough for my bare essentials, it’s a deep brown leather with a teal Radley dog which means that it smells divine and it’s so easy to wear across my body for when I’m out so I have my hands free to wrestle my toddler. I’m hoping that the dog won’t be pulled off!

On a budget

Now. I have a bit of a secret. Although I like a few nice items – that are high quality and seen as treats – I don’t like paying full price for them. I’m not a millionaire and like most mums, most of my money goes on adorable new things for her. So, I have to be careful how I spend my money.

Joules Wellies

I am talking about being a savvy shopper. My Radley bag tag is £85.00… I got it for £45.00 from a site called Love the Sales. Be warned, if you go to their website, you’ll loose a few days as they have LOADS! My Joules coat and wellies that I harp on about and regularly feature on my Instagram feed were also cheaper on the Amazon Joules shop (with free delivery) than it was from the Joules website. I have no idea why they were cheaper, but they were… it doesn’t always work but it’s worth checking out sites like these if you’re looking for a branded bargain. By finding these sorts of tricks and ‘go to’ places, I can buy myself a nice item every now and again and not flush bright red when seeing the price tag.

Buying nice things on a budget makes me ridiculously happy. I feel like I’m beating the system. I get to have nice things that usually cost LOADS and pay sale prices for them. Nobody need know… well… apart from you, but I’m sure you can keep my secret!

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