Miffy is back on Tiny Pop

It’s been a very exciting year for Miffy, the iconic white bunny. Not only is she celebrating her 60th anniversary (I know right, looking good for 60!), but she’s now back on TV and ready to entertain.Miffy's Adventures, big and small

Not only is she back, but for the first time ever, she’s in CGI in a brand new TV series called Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small on Tiny Pop.

If you fancy tuning in, you can find it on Tiny Pop from Friday 2nd October at 7pm. After the first episode has whetted our appetites, the second will shortly follow at 7.10pm!

I’m glad to see that she hasn’t changed her look from what we all know and love. She still has those luscious long ears, round face and that adorable cross that creates an essence of ‘Miffy’.

As a household name in children’s books, I’ve always been attracted to the simplicity and colourful nature of Miffy. That hasn’t changed with this new series and I’m already looking forward to the first episode and introducing Georgia to the fun and adventure that is Miffy.

Each episode is only seven minutes long and will air at 7pm during the ever popular ‘Cuddle Time’ which gives families a chance to relax and unwind before bedtime… as we all know that watching Dr Who or Power Rangers isn’t conducive for a good night’s sleep!

To me, this sounds like a perfect amount of time for a short story before bed.

Evolution of characters for a new audience

Many of the characters that I remember from my own childhood (that haven’t been retired – RIP Sharky and George) have evolved over the years. To me, seeing these ‘new look’ characters is almost like looking at a distant friend’s Facebook profile and thinking about how much they’ve changed since you last saw them. My memory of them is now just a distant echo, with some form of body snatcher scenario playing out… They look vaguely similar but who are they now and what have they done with my friend?

Examples I hear you ask? Babar for one… Care Bears… and my childhood favourite Noddy. Since when did Noddy learn Swahili? That was definitely a skill he didn’t share with me.

Anyway, my point is that poking with a character that so many people remember with fondness can be a dangerous game. On the one hand, characters need to evolve to capture a new, younger audience else they become outdated. But on the other hand they also can’t lose what makes them special in the first place.

With Miffy, I’m glad to see that she’s still instantly recognisable as the same cute white bunny (unlike the CGI transformation of Bob the Builder- Yeesh!). She’s had a transformation that really brings her to life, and I for one am ready and waiting for the first episode to watch her new adventures.

She’s already set to be a family favourite by nabbing the hot spot on Tiny Pop at 7pm and I’m sure that our children will follow our tradition of loving Miffy for another generation to then pass the joy onto their children.

*Please note, this is a sponsored post on behalf of Miffy for the launch of their new TV programme. However, I do genuinely love Miffy!*


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  1. Aah it’s so nice to see Miffy on our television screens isn’t it? Such an iconic children’s character; I used to absolutely love the Miffy books when I was a child, lovely to think that my boys are going to grow up knowing it as well! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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