Mothercare ABC baby walker review

As Georgia is now nearly sitting up, it’s time for her play gym and baby bouncer to be stored away and time for me to investigate new toys!

Baby walker reviewWe tried her in a jumperoo, but she really didn’t seem too bothered and simply sat there staring around the room. That pretty much ruled out me spending £50+ on one. Plus, we were offered one by my sister in law which we originally rejected as I thought we didn’t have enough space.

Hindsight from statements I made as a new parent are beautiful aren’t they?

So, after some investigating, we opted for the Mothercare ABC walker. At £29.99, if she didn’t really play with it a lot, then we wouldn’t feel hard done by as is relatively cheap in comparison with other walkers and activity centres.

Here’s my review of our experiences with it so far…

The instructions

The instructions were seemingly written to be sent to multiple countries as they are purely picture driven. This is all well and good if you can understand what the picture is trying to tell you, but  I struggled with some.

For example, to raise and lower the walker there is a rectangular knob underneath the tray that you turn 90 degrees and push in… however I didn’t think it was too clear on the instructions that you needed to push the button in and only found this out by chance after about half an hour of prodding and pushing.

I would have also really liked to have seen a video tutorial for how to assemble it as I often find that these are a lot easier to follow than paper based instructions.

When dealing with sleep deprived parents that just want it up and running, I think it’s best to provide this option to make our lives easier!

The activity tray

The walker comes with an activity tray that can be taken on and off easily – without the activity tray attached there is another tray which has an indent for a cup or beaker.

The tray has mainly non-electronic toys such as a wheel that makes clicking noises and four beads on a wire.

The non-electronic parts of this have been a great hit. Georgia loves playing with everything and has a big grin on her face after she’s moved a bead from one side of the wire to the next.

The electronic part however… is a different story. We really struggled to get the batteries into the back. Taking off a battery casing should be quite a simple affair but we ended up having to snap the casing off after having bore a hole in the screw as the Phillips size 2 just wasn’t working to get it out… the more we tried, the more the cheap screws disintegrated. We managed to get one off, but the second just got worse and worse.

After this debacle – which took well over an hour – we put the batteries in and tested out the four buttons. The four buttons on the activity tray play very loud, high BPM nursery rhymes, akin to a rave with flashing lights (see video below). There is only the on/off function, so no means to make it quieter. I’d personally have this quietened slightly as seems overly loud.


The walker comes with an integrated back support which seems to be fairly stable and cushioned. Feeling the support, it feels as though there is a piece of card as a support structure rather than anything denser. But, it feels sturdy enough and is heavily cushioned. It looks comfortable enough and Georgia has had no issues so far with comfort.


Now, I can’t actually review this yet as a walker as Georgia is too small to be walking in it as her feet don’t touch the floor as this was purchased before she needs to use it. It’s recommended age is 6months+ but she is only nearly 5 months old so has some growing to do yet. But, having pushed it around the room, it seems to have some good forward maneuverability with full turning wheels at the front. At the back are two straight wheels, so you can only really push backwards in a straight line.

There are also bumper pads under each side to support the frame, although on carpet this seems to make moving difficult as the wheels sink into the carpet, so would work best on hard floors.

Final thoughts

For its price, this is a good little walker with integrated play tray. It has a bright and vibrant wipe clean design and can be folded fairly flat for storage – a must in our house where space is an issue! Overall I’m happy with our purchase… although I am disappointed that we had to break the battery case to get the batteries in…

Saying that, the music function may be staying firmly in the ‘off’ position for the foreseeable future!

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  1. I just came across your review looking to see whether those annoying blocks could be removed from beneath the walker. Lol. Appears not. Nice review though, I’m going to do the same when I’ve changed the clothes my munchkins wearing to get a decent pic and not one where his covered in chocolate porridge. X

    1. We’ve actually since not really used the walker. She’s never really got to grips with pushing herself along. Was handy as a place to put her though and know she’d stay in one place… but those flippin’ blocks just mean that it doesn’t move easily. x

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