Our baby friendly holiday at Center Parcs

So, I’ve talked about my memory of Center Parcs, what I think about the facilities and pool…so now it’s time to tell you about what we did on holiday with Georgia.

Center Parcs Holiday

Day 1

We arrived on the Monday and started with a spot of lunch and even gave Georgia a chip… now, this wasn’t a salty French fry, it was basically an oven cooked chip of potato. This is her first proper finger food other than rusks and she loved it. Not only did it stop her from trying to eat Daddy’s food, but she ate the whole thing.

The only negative thing about lunch was that there were so many babies in the restaurant that they run out of highchairs so she had to sit on our laps. Had she been actually eating lunch, this may have put us off eating in Hawton’s.

We then ventured around the plaza to look in the shops while Grandma and Grandad had something to eat as they’d just arrived. This gave me enough time to get some presents for a friend who was looking after our cats while we were away. I always find it’s best to get presents at the beginning of the holiday, else it becomes a bit of a mad rush and an after thought!

We decided to have a fairly relaxing first day, so at about 3.30 we went back to the car to drive up to our lodge, unpack and find the baby things – they provide a cot and highchair in all accommodation which were in great condition.

Now… the first night, Georgia decided that she wanted a night feed. For weeks she’s been having her feed at 6pm and sleeping through till about 6am – bliss. But as she was on holiday, she knew she wasn’t home and didn’t quite settle.

In the end we had to give in and give her Calpol as she just wasn’t settling even with bopping and cuddles and all our other tricks. This happened practically every night of our holiday, with her waking and screaming from about 7pm onwards.

Day 2

It took us ages to get her to go to sleep on countless nights when on holiday and dealt with a few fountains of sick too – almost daily to the point where we were getting a little agitated. Just what you want when you A) don’t have a washing machine and B) only have a small number of spare things with you.

So, we had to wash with fairy liquid and hang up to dry… hoping for dear life that she wouldn’t do it again.. which of course she did. When we go again, we’ll be taking handwashing stuff with us!

On the Tuesday morning we decided to walk down to the Plaza using our carrier, racing Georgia’s grandparents who were taking the land train.

Surprisingly, it only took us about 25 minutes to walk down with Georgia in her carrier and she even fell asleep on the way.

So hubby had her in the carrier with the swim bag too, while I was carrying her changing bag.

I’m not going to lie, it’s a fair walk from where we were in the Fir area, with steep terrain.. but in such beautiful surroundings, it didn’t really matter much to us as we were just enjoying the walk.

We ended out beating the grandparents which was surprising! I’ve used MapMyRun and the distance is 1.85k with a elevation gain of 31 metres…. We then went swimming (which I’ve already said was great…) and finished at about lunch in an Italian restaurant.

The only downside to taking the carrier was that because she was then tired while we were eating lunch, she couldn’t sleep as wouldn’t settle when lying down in the booth as it wasn’t her bed and she wasn’t moving in her stroller.

We then walked back too just as it began to pour with rain. Which is when I found out that my waterproof jacket is actually only shower resistant… and NOT waterproof. Luckily, Georgia’s coat was and she slept through the whole thing. Every cloud and all that.

Hubby even said that the carrier was comfortable, as the straps could be adjusted to spread her weight more evenly.

When we got back, there were showers all round to warm up.

Day 3

Day 3 was a day at Longleat Safari Park to celebrate hubby’s 30th birthday! It was such a fantastic day out and we saw all the animals and even a few dinosaurs (no, I’ve not gone crazy, they were having an animatronic dinosaur exhibition!). I was amazed at how many hands on experiences they offer. From feeding the giraffe (a bargain at only £2 a branch), to walking with the penguins – all of which can be done without pre-booking.

Our only downside was that we only saw 1 wolf in the wolf enclosure, but that’s always the risk when you go on safari as they aren’t locked into one area to be gawped at.

Here’s a selection of animals that we saw… including one not so shy camel, a giant maze and a breastfeeding lemur – in public no less…

Longleat safari park animals

Day 4

Wednesday was spent in the pool again, followed by a trip to the amazing Pancake house that I’ve already raved about. We then spent the afternoon playing adventure golf!

The course, which is split into two nine-hole courses, is medieval themed with dragons, round tables and swords in stones.

One of the courses is accessible with a pushchair, but the other isn’t. As we paid for 18 holes, we did the second course anyway, but needed help to get the buggy up and down steps and steep slopes. It would have been more inclusive to have both accessible as otherwise people are missing out on the second course.

As Georgia was in her buggy, she fell asleep easily and only really needed attention when she was hungry as she was pretty happy to watch.

Day 5

We had to ‘check out’ by 10am on the Friday – although this actually just means leaving your keys in one of the many boxes dotted around the park, so nobody would really know if you were a few minutes late to the car park unless you have a cleaner at the door!

We spent the morning in the pool again and stopped for some lunch before setting off back home.

The trip home was just awful. It took us over 4 hours to do a trip that Google said would be about 2.5. In that time, Georgia did a poo and then when on the road again decided that even though she never has a feed at 4pm anymore, wanted one that day.

But, in all it was an amazing holiday and we were quick to rebook, this time for Woburn for 2016 where we’re looking forward to going with my parents aka Nanna and Granddad.

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  1. Sounds fantastic. I always imagined this kind of venue as somewhere to take older kids but its good to know it would work with tiny tots too.

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