Sweetpea Pantry Chocolate Giggles Review

The lovely folks over at Sweetpea Pantry sent me over a couple of packs of their popular baking kits to give a go*.

Chocolate giggles biscuit mix

I love baking and I especially enjoy eating the end results. But I struggle to find the time. Whether it’s wrestling to find a recipe or getting all the ingredients. I’m a baker with little time but a lot of enthusiasm!

So, the Sweetpea Pantry biscuit kit – called Chocolate Giggles – looked perfect for me and my family.

It’s an all-in-one ‘mixture’ packet with the recipe calling for a few extra ingredients – eggs, honey and butter. All things that you’ll have in the house. The recipe is enough of a challenge to feel like I’m actually baking from scratch but without the faff of buying anything special that you’ll only ever use once.

The ingredients are all toddler friendly too (yay!) as they’re all natural and any sugar used is unrefined and used in moderation. So, the idea of making healthy chocolate biscuits that I wouldn’t feel guilty over sounded amazing.


Making the biscuits

Mixing the ingredients together took minutes and it was easy to see that there are plenty of opportunities for young ones to take part to squeeze honey, use a spoon to mix the ingredients together and squish the dough to get involved and enjoy baking.

The best part of course is cutting the dough into shapes – we chose stars and hearts. We would have used our unicorn cookie cutter, but I’ve yet to master it without chopping its legs off. If anyone has any tips on that then please let me know! I’ve tried prying it gently or using an implement to pop out the legs, but they’re always so delicate.

Anyway, after mixing, kneading, rolling and generally doing ‘baking things’, they go into the oven for about 8 minutes. We cooked ours in batches as it filled at least 3 trays as it makes lots of cookies! The instructions also say that you can freeze the dough, so it’s pretty handy if you want to just do a few at a time… unless you either have a team at work to feed or want a real binge on over 20 biscuits.


The verdict

They taste like bourbons – they have the same consistency but with a deeper, richer chocolate taste. For me, they’re great. To top it off they’re healthy so I could stuff a few in… okay, they’re probably not ‘too’ healthy in terms of the “should I have a banana or a biscuit” debate, but they didn’t give me mum guilt when I gave one to Georgia so we’re all good.

I even took them to work the day after (having cooked the whole batch) and they went down very well.

You can find them in Ocado and M&S for under £5 if you’d like to have a go yourself!

Biscuits out of oven

*This is a sponsored post, but my views are my own.

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