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Uncommon goods review

When I buy people gifts, I like to find something original. Something a bit special that has meaning.

I’m already a big fan of Etsy and to find independent retailers and love to support small businesses when I can.

So when Uncommon Goods contacted me to ask if I’d give their site a whirl? I was on there faster than you can take a sip of tea.

In the interest of being open and honest, in exchange for my review, they let me pick a couple of items from their shop that took my fancy to give the site a proper review.

So on with the review!!!

Who are Uncommon Goods?

I hadn’t heard of Uncommon Goods before, so let me tell you a bit about them…

Uncommon Goods is a US based company that brings together independent retailers with a focus on environmentally friendly and socially responsible goods. Overall, they’re good eggs. They’re trying to make the world a little bit nicer for everyone, with a focus on sustainability.

Now that’s a bit refreshing isn’t it?

They also ship to the UK for most items, but it’s worth checking before you get your heart set on a cast iron homemade tortilla kit (totally want one, but they don’t ship it to the UK as it’s too heavy!)

Introducing Sunny

Although I LOVE browsing the internet for hours on end, when I’m actually looking for a gift, I want to find options fast.

For those people who you know you want to find something different, but don’t quite know what to buy, this is often a problem. Websites are notoriously difficult to just browse unless you know what you’re looking for (Amazon anyone?).

To help with this problem, Uncommon Goods have made a new spangled tool called ‘Sunny’. Just tell Sunny who you’d like to buy a gift for and what sort of things they like and Sunny will filter its entire website with products that are most relevant to what you’re looking for.

Aaah, it definitely saves time hopping from section to section!

Give it a go for yourself here.

What caught my eye?

I have a thing for custom made necklaces that have meaning. From necklaces with a positive message to those that symbolise my family, or a part of me.

So, I made a beeline for the necklaces within their women’s gift section which you can check out here.

I particularly liked a necklace with a broken piece of glass, symbolising that you’ve broken the metaphorical glass ceiling. In the end, I decided against this particular metaphorical necklace as I didn’t want to have to explain to everyone that it’s a glass ceiling and that my necklace was meant to look like that.

But, it you can look past that and think it’s a great idea too, then go check it out.

What I did opt for in the end after hours of mulling was a starfish necklace with one big gold starfish (me) and one little gold starfish (my little starfish) on a simple silver chain. I LOVE the fact that you can choose how many little stars to add for your kids. They also have similar necklaces with bears and various other animals.

I’ve worn it every day since it arrived, so it’s now my firm favourite necklace.

Here’s the necklace in a bit more detail…
Personalised starfish necklace

Ordering from America to the UK

If you’re anything like me, when I’m ordering from the US, the first thing that I worry about is the speed. The next thing I worry about is whether I order something breakable, whether it’ll break on transit.

So? I ordered a mug to test both of these.

I received my order in about a week and their website states that international delivery to Europe can take 4-7 days.

The packaging also safely transported my mug without any breakages.

Obviously, the packaging was also all recyclable given that it’s central to the aims of Uncommon Goods! Touché Uncommon Goods… Touché.

As well as the mug being a good testing tool for break-ability, it also happens to be a very cute mug. Sold as a ‘soup mug’, I’ve actually named it as my hot chocolate mug. Shaped like a white owl with a wide rim and shallow bowl, it’s the perfect size for a little hot chocolate (with a lot of toppings).

You can find more unique gifts like that here.
Owl Soup Mug

What else do Uncommon Goods do?

As well as really cool and personalised things for adults, they also have a great range of birthday gifts for kids, which is great to get some inspiration for tiny people where you know they already have enough plastic tut and toys in their lives.

In the  gifts for kids section which you can see here, they have all sorts, from unicorn bowls to customisable books and taco holders shaped like dinosaurs (Yes, that is what I said and I do need that in my life…).

You are welcome my friends.

I hope you’ll enjoy browsing Uncommon Goods as much as I did if you’ve not heard of them before!

Happy browsing!

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  1. Ooh I love websites like this – even certain shall we say ‘non high street’ websites now are all becoming a bit mainstream so this looks really good – will put on my bookmark list!

  2. I’ve never heard of this company before but will definitely take a look. I am really picky about gifts . I want something unique , thoughtful and personal and looks like this site might tick all of those. Love the star necklace #fortheloveofBLOG

  3. I am always worried when ordering from the US that I will either not get the goods or will be hit with a huge customs charge. Saying that the owl mug is quite lovely.

  4. I’ve never heard of these before either. Looks like you got some lovely bits. I particularly like that they are environment conscious right down to their packaging. Will be off for a browse.

  5. I’ve always thought it a little risky to buy from abroad but had good results. The white mug is lovely and I can see that if you are particular to this type of bird or a fan of a particular book/movie series then it would make for a perfect present. #fortheloveofBLOG

  6. This seems like a great site for finding gifts etc., and it’s really fab that they’re consious about sustainability as well! I love the owl cup x #fortheloveofBLOG

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