World of Spa review: Aqua Sana Center Parcs Woburn

It’s so important to dedicate a bit of time to you. To slow time down and to take a breath.

The way I do that is by going to the spa. It’s something that I love doing and I am a little bit addicted to Aqua Sana Spa at Woburn Forest. I would go as far as to say that it’s my favourite place to unwind.

Aqua Sana’s World of Spa includes over 20 themed rooms including saunas, steam rooms and relaxation areas.

The first time I visited, I thought that three hours would be enough time to spend dozing away in each room, meandering from one experience to the next. But I was wrong. To experience Aqua Sana, you need to spend a day there.

Review of aqua sana woburn forest

Two reasons why you need to spend more than 3 hours at Aqua Sana:

1. 4.5 minutes is not enough time to unwind

To visit every room in three hours, you would need to spend maximum of 4.5 minutes in each room.

Quite simply, that is not enough time. That’s crazy right? How much can you get done in 4.5 minutes? Can you unwind in that time? Probably not.

2. Clock-watching is not good for the soul

Even if you choose to only go in a few rooms, you need to clock watch to make sure that you’re on time, which defeats the purpose of going to the spa to unwind.

You’d think that it’d be simple, but time goes far too fast and as the rooms are too wet to take a watch into (unless you have a waterproof one that is!).

I just could have done without the avid clock watching to make sure I wasn’t going to be thrown out too soon when my time was up. Or that I’d miss my massage appointment.

Clock watching is not good for the soul or relaxation. So if  you can, go for the whole day.

What makes this spa experience different:

1. Huge choice of saunas, steam rooms and relaxation areas

The spa is broken up into 6 zones:

  • Blossom
  • Fire and Ice
  • Herbal
  • Salt
  • Mineral
  • Sensory

In each zone is at least one sauna, steam room and relaxation area. They all provide different experiences, with smells, music and decor. Some zones also have shower experiences.

I loved these shower experiences. After pressing the go button, you stand under the lit area in the shower walk through and it would use different temperatures, intensities and shower heads/directions to shower you with water. Mixing the warmth and gentleness of a shower like rain with a cold blast was really refreshing and a little surprising!

Although I have to admit that some of the experiences violated me a bit with intensity.

2. Great small touches…

I loved that there were glasses holders in each zone for those of us who wear glasses to keep them safe without precariously dangling them on a hook. For me, this is fab. I didn’t feel burdened to wear my glasses as it had all been thought about.

There were also blankets on all relaxation beds, free magazines to read and apples you can eat on demand.

If you’re planning on going, here are my top 3 tips:

  1. Book a spa treatment at the beginning of your time, that way you won’t be clock watching to make sure you don’t miss it. Time goes by so quickly in there.
  2. Book a whole day if you can – it really is hard to fit everything in with just 3 hours unless you’ve visited before.
  3. Take friends. I went alone for an hour or so and it was lovely on my first visit, but was made better when I could chat and experience it with somebody.