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2017 Life Goals

How wanky do life goals sound? I’m hating myself right now for writing the term ‘life goals’, but for this post, I think it’s a necessary evil.

You see, I love to plan, to know where I’m going and to have a clear direction. I just don’t get things done when it isn’t written down.

Life just moves too quickly so it’s important to step back every now and again and assess what you want to do in the year and what better time to do that than at the dawn of a new year.

So, here goes… my top 5 things that I want to do in 2017.

Frost on grass

1. Home improvements

After we moved in 2016, we were pretty impressed with the state of our new house… that’s probably in comparison to our previous house where every room was crying out to be redecorated. But in 2017, I would love to focus some attention on getting a new kitchen and getting new carpets throughout the house. That of course depends on how much money both of those things will cost, but the kitchen is a priority. Sure, it’s functional, but it’s bland.

We bought a new kitchen for the old house so we’ve been through the process before, having to move the location of appliances which led to a lot of problems… but I’m hoping that this will be a smoother process as the major appliances won’t be moved. We also shouldn’t have any dodgy 1950’s issues to deal with as the house is only 15 years old. I’m then looking forward to having a GORGEOUS new kitchen that will literally be the centre of our home.

2. Positive thinking

I started a positive thinking kick late-2016, before I got ill and my mood hit rock bottom. If being ill on an endless cycle taught me anything, it taught me that I need to be able to control my brain a little better. At the minute, it’s like a toddler. If something bad happens, it falls on the floor, flails and holds its breath until it gets better. Sure, I’m good in a crisis, but that’s different. It’s quick. For longer term things, I need to learn how to stop that inner toddler from wrecking my mood.

Being positive when things are good is easy, but being positive when things get tough is harder.

I’m going to start by buying a positivity book that I’ve been dying to read but haven’t got round to doing it. I just need to get on with it and read it!

3. Photography

After getting to grips with my camera on my photography course in 2016, I’d love to start taking it a bit further. I’d really like to practice more often to take better photos. I really want to be able to take it out every week to capture Georgia growing up as well as to take some photos of my family as I don’t think we have a nice picture of my mum and dad.

4. Planning for fun!

With time going by so quickly, I’d really like to plan my spare time a bit better in 2017. To book in time to go on family days out rather than spending weekends doing the same old thing over and over. Of course, we all need those boring weekends too but I really want to have a fun year with my family and getting out and about is a great way to do it. I really want to do one ‘nice’ thing a month at least. (It also nicely coincides with my photography goal if it’s somewhere lovely!)

5. More baking

I love baking and for Christmas, I was given a beautiful new food mixer… so what better way to use it than to regularly bake with it! I’d love to start involving Georgia with baking too once she’s 2, so we’ll start mixing and experimenting with food on our days off (I hope anyway!).

Have you set any life goals this year of things you’d like to do?

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  1. Loving these goals and they are so doable too. I find lists help and bite size goals. So I’d break those all down into monthly little lists ! I know what u mean about those toddler moods. I often have my thoughts spiral and have to take a step back and tell myself to stop and put things in perspective x

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