Am I a hippy mum or a modern mum?

Teepee in a garden, wording Am I a hippy mum or a modern mumMy mum recently said that I’m turning into a bit of a hippy. With my new handmade teepee in my living room, ordering a new carrier to try out baby wearing on holiday and my new urge to create sensory bottles, I can see her point.

But, I don’t see myself as a hippy, or any of the above being hippy like qualities. From my point of view they all serve a greater purpose. To unwitting eyes, I can see that these things may not look conventional.

But, does this make me a hippy mum or just a modern mum?


Okay… I can see that having a teepee in your living room isn’t normal. But, the teepee was handmade, so cost me less than £10 to make and is a great place for Georgia to sit and have a bit of a kick around in the corner of our, otherwise boring looking living room.

I can also take it down whenever I like… Like now as the teepee cover needs washing due to one of my cats deciding that they’d like to mark it as their own while it was in the garden. Thank you very much Helix.

But, I don’t think that having a teepee in my living room makes me a hippy. I think it just makes me a cool mum, who just so happens to be awesome at making dens. We’ll see if Georgia agrees when she’s old enough.

Baby wearing

As for my new carrier, I recently had a dilemma that I wrote about as we’re going on holiday to Centre Parcs and couldn’t work out whether a carrier would be a worthwhile investment (as I don’t get on with my Baby Bjorn as the straps are too baggy).

Baby wearing used to be confined for ‘hippy mums’ wearing slings, but in recent years this trend has really boomed as the benefits have been better understood.

So anyone can pretty much baby wear without getting a sideways look. It’s in fact now very trendy to wear a baby and there are tonnes of great carriers out there… which can make the whole thing a bit daunting for newbies.

For me, I love my pushchair, but there are times where I can see the benefits of a carrier. I think it’ll be great for holidays where I don’t want to lug around our pushchair where we may otherwise have to compromise on walking routes, or have to leave it outside of attractions. Instead she can sit in her carrier and still be comfy… or so I hope.

So, I’ve jumped the gun and have ordered an NCT Caboo DX+. I couldn’t find a second hand one online as I think it’s really new… but I had an email from NCT (as I’m a member) all about carriers and reminding me that I get 10% off… a sign perhaps? Either way it was very well timed and was enough to make me take the leap.

As Georgia will be able to sit forward facing and on our back as well as facing us, I think it’ll be a worth while investment that will last until she’s old enough to walk on her own without getting tired.

I’ll let you know how we get on with it after we’ve taken it for a proper test run on holiday! So, I think a carrier for us is just a practical solution!

Sensory bottles

I visited a friends house recently and she’d made some sensory bottles for her daughter, who is about a month older than Georgia. I waggled a few in front of Georgia and she was mesmerized. With floating bits of tin foil and sparkles, she was captivated and I knew I had to go and make my own.

As I’m fairly crafty, I jumped at the opportunity to try out this cheap way of making a sensory toy for Georgia. I started to do research on dry sensory bottles and wet ones. I now have a very long list of bottles that I’d like to try out!

More on sensory bottles to come, but I do love them already – as does Georgia. Who needs expensive toys when she has a bottle eh?

Modern savvy mum

So… in all, I don’t think I’m a hippy mum, but instead a modern savvy mum. I don’t want to spend lots of money on fun activities when all I need to do is use a bit of creativity and imagination for her. As for the carrier… that’s just practical and will allow us to have lots of fun without the burden of a pushchair… I hope!

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  1. Hum it’s tough – I don’t know what the definition of a hippy mom is really, but I wouldn’t classify doing arts & crafts & using a baby carrier as exclusively hippy behaviours I’m going to need more facts. lol Either way, it sounds like you are an involved mom who helps her children learn & explore through creativity which makes you an awesome mom! x

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