Happiness is… going back to work

So, I’ve just had my first day back at work and phew, it was tiring but A.Ma.Zing.

I didn’t know if my previous feelings about going back to work would come to fruition as I’ve felt positive and excited about it.

Yesterday my internal clock switched into countdown mode and I was endlessly saying things like “this time tomorrow I’ll just be finishing work” and “this is your last bath before nursery”, so it was obviously playing on my mind. But I’d like to think that it was from the anticipation of it all.

The morning routine

This morning I was woken by my alarm. This in itself was a sheer novelty as I’ve only been woken by the cries of Georgia in the past 9 months. So being woken by the soft tunes of a song was pure bliss. It really does put me in a better mood to not be woken up on sheer alert and mum mode as it’s a lot calmer.

The previous night, I’d written down a brief itinery for how we were going to cope which went something like this…

6.30am – wake up… hubby have shower while I steralise bottles, make up her milk for the day, have breakfast and wake Georgia if not already awake for milk.

7.00am – I have shower, hubby have breakfast and get Georgia dressed.

7.30am – check bags are ready, wave daddy off to work

7.45am – out the door, bags in hand.

To a large extent… this is pretty much what happened. Although I didn’t plan on her not being hungry for her milk in my shift! So a few bits got moved around but to a degree it worked out quite well and we’ll be following the same itinerary going forward.

Arriving at nursery

When we got to nursery, I passed her to her key worker. As soon as she’d left my arms she started to cry, but on the advice of the worker, I just left her to it… she’d soon stop crying. I’d gone through this before when leaving her for a settling in session and she’d been fine on the other side of an hour.

Although as I let myself out of the nursery, I could still hear her wailing her little heart out.

Rather than dwell on her being upset, I focused on the fact that she’ll be okay and she will have fun. In her settling in sessions she’s had great fun – although a whole day is a far cry from an hour.

I got into my car, with her cries still echoing in my head. But, I knew she was in safe hands. I shook it off and drove off as I blasted out Adele. I focused on the fact that this is but the first day in many days and years of her being with other people through the day. She’s just too great a little person for me to have all to myself for the rest of her life. It’s a long journey and one that will take us both some getting used to!

Arriving at work

Being back at work felt weird. Not a bad weird, but it felt as if I’d been in a coma for nine months. I thought it’d feel like I was starting a new job as I’ve been gone for so long, but actually nothing much has changed. I’d blinked and nine months had flown by.

The people are still the same, with a few new faces, the building is still the same and it was still bloomin’ freezing after the heating had been off over the holidays. I was welcomed back with an open embrace and I think that really helped with the process of coming back to work.

What wasn’t so nice was the accumulation of 3,000 emails. All of which, bar 4 could be deleted and included messages of cakes being in the kitchen, new starters and leavers and automated emails that I’d neglected to take myself off the distribution list before I left!

I’m still finding my feet again in a role that has changed since I left, but it’s a part of me that I’m glad to have back. As much as I love spending time with Georgia, I need to work. I don’t just have to work for money, but I love working and I’m not afraid to admit that.

I’m also really glad that I’ve got Wednesday’s off, so I get the best of both worlds, my happy medium and my all important work-life balance. Call it what you will, to me it means happiness.

Picking her up

I’d gone the whole day without phoning nursery to check in… if there were any problems I knew they’d phone me and I kept my phone close to my side all day.

When I got into her room, I could see her playing with a textured pillow, happily burying her face in it and patting away like there’s no tomorrow. A clear sign that she was happy and content.

After a few “Hi Georgia” as I got closer and closer – most of which were ignored, she finally saw me and started crying. The crying stopped when I picked her up, where she then started manically waving goodbye to everyone.

I had a quick look at her log book to see that she didn’t really eat much food – preferring finger food (no surprise there…) and she had a half hour nap. ONE. Just one. She normally has 3 hours sleep in 2 naps. There was obviously just too much fun to be had.

I’m hoping that that will settle out over the next few weeks as she gets more used to it.

When we got home, we had a bath and she was in bed and fast asleep by 6pm. A truly tiring and exciting day.

I’m back baby and there’s nothing stopping me now. Bring on day 2.

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