Our Magical Wednesdays

My Wednesdays are always amazing. By choosing to have Wednesday as my non-working day in the week, I never work more than 2 days in a row.

More importantly, I never spend more than 2 days away from this gorgeous poppet…Georgia summertime

I’m┬ánot bragging – well… yes I am. But I am glad that I made the right decision as to which day to have off.

Back to work

Making the decision to go back to work was an easy one for me. Not just because we need 2 salaries, but because I wanted to go back to work. It gives me satisfaction that I’m valued and can contribute to real adult conversations. I’m lucky that I enjoy my job and I don’t want to lose that.

For some, being a stay at home mum is enough – which is fine and I’m not arguing with that – each to their own and all that jazz. But being off for months on end drove me mad. Sure, if we were rich then I’m sure it would have been different, or if we had lots of fun free activities to do nearby, but that’s not the case. That really bummed me out. I was bored. Not of Georgia, never of Georgia, but of the monotony that my life had become during the waiting times. I’d end out just watching telly while she slept, when my brain was craving a more stimulating activity of work. I felt trapped at home.

Sure, we all know that when you have kids, life turns into a happy compromise. Your wildest dreams are put behind the wildest dreams of your children – which is the right thing to do. Seeing her happy because of something she wants to do is amazing and enough to make me happy. But I still need to live and enjoy my own life. To find my perfect balance, I needed to go back to work… just not all the time if I could help it.

Magical Wednesdays

Having Wednesdays off – especially sunny ones feels fantastic. It’s a chance for me to recharge my batteries from work as a mid-week weekend and play all day with poppet. Granted, she drives me mental by 5pm, but that’s her job.

Having Wednesdays off makes me better at work too – at least I think so.

I never have that ‘Urgh, hump day’ feeling. I’m always happy to go to work on a Thursday and a day off is never far away.

I’m never too long away from spending quality time with her, yet I’m still getting that quality selfish time I need for myself.

So, happy hump day everyone! I couldn’t recommend having Wednesdays off enough!

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